52 Pockets of Joy: The Gift of Happiness

"52 Pockets of Joy is an absolute delight."
Fay Karpouzis

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About the Author

Denise Edelstein has run her own business coaching and accountancy practice, lectured extensively and worked as a Wellness & Lifestyle coach. As a Joyologist, having travelled extensively all over the world, Denise has observed life, from poverty to extreme wealth. She has met with people who range from despair to those who are overjoyed.

Denise is passionate about brightening people’s lives by spreading her rays of sunshine. Her message is: It’s time to THRIVE, rather than, just survive.The lesson she has learnt is that money is no guarantee of happiness. What is clear, is that no matter how you define happiness, people believe they deserve it & want it in their life. Currently Denise is a Pockets of Joy coach, spreading joy around the world, one pocket at a time through her new book 52 Pockets of Joy: The Gift of Happiness.

Helping people through challenging times is of vital importance to Denise. She holds the view that life is not a dress rehearsal. This is it! And, it’s essential to find the joy in every single day. Denise looks forward to running Pockets of Joy  workshops, presenting as a keynote speaker & writing more books in her Pockets of Joy series.

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