52 Pockets of Joy: The Gift of Happiness

"52 Pockets of Joy is an absolute delight."
Fay Karpouzis

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About the Book

Are you ready to be happier now? The Pockets of Joy method will show you how, quickly and easily. And the good news is, you can start today!

This book is perfect for people who would like to learn some quick and easy tips and techniques on how to have a happier and more meaningful life. 52 Pockets of Joy is designed to fill each week with rays of sunshine, Pockets of Joy. As you progress, week by week, you will notice that your happiness will continue to increase until you are soaring on wings of joy and your life has become richer and more meaningful.

When you give this beautiful and inspiring book to a friend, you are offering them the gift of happiness. Write your own special message on the gift card page and it will bring a smile to their face every time they open their book.

This book can be enjoyed on 3 levels:
• a coffee-table book with beautiful pictures and inspiring quotes to elevate your mood
• 52 quotes and accompanying “Thoughts for the Week” to get you thinking about your life
• a fast-track method to improving your life with 52 different weekly activities to help you lead a happier and more meaningful life.

For those who choose the first level or for those who wish to go deeper, this book will provide you the opportunity to have a happier and richer life.

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52 Pockets of Joy, 1 for each week - An uplifting quote and “Thought for the Week” for every week, including the following topics:

* Identifying what is important to you
* What makes you happy
* What you can do or think to become happier
* Your “Bucket List”
* Identifying your strengths and talents
* Friendship
* Forgiveness
* Stress busters
* “Time Out” tips

and much more.

Who is this book for?

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to be happier and have a more meaningful life. Whether you buy it for yourself or a gift, the book represents the gift of happiness and includes a gift card/dedication option on the title page. 

"52 Pockets of Joy" will change the way the reader sees  the world, until their happiness soars on wings of joy.

Customer Testimonials

Inspiring and insightful, 52 Pockets of Joy guides readers to explore choices that will enrich their life with joy. A must read.

Judith Schulz – Founder, Circles of Learning

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