52 Pockets of Joy: The Gift of Happiness

"52 Pockets of Joy is an absolute delight."
Fay Karpouzis

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Amazing new book shows you how to achieve Happiness in a troubled world

Inspiring and insightful, 52 Pockets of Joy guides readers to explore choices that will enrich their life with joy. A must read.

Judith Schulz – Founder, Circles of Learning

In the current economy, political uprisings and uncertainty have changed the way people see the world. Happiness has become the new currency. People have always wanted to be happy but now that seems more important  than ever but more difficult to sustain.

Are you ready to be happier now? The Pockets of Joy method will show you how, quickly & easily. And the good news is, you can start right now!

After seeing so many people spiralling into worry and despair, Denise decided that it was time to share for Pockets of Joy method for finding  a happier & more meaningful life.


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This book will show you how to:

  • have a happier, healthier & more meaningful life, no matter what is going on in the world around you
  • sustain your happiness & elevate it until you are soaring on wings of joy
  • find your own Pockets of Joy

By purchasing this book you will get:

  • a guide to writing your own Pockets of Joy  notebook
  • Denise's proven Pockets of Joy  method for finding and sustaining happiness
  • great enjoyment from the stunning photos, uplifting quotes and inspiring activities
  • the gift of happiness for yourself or anyone you give the book to
  • really important information and activities which can make a major improvement to your life, by taking small, easy to do steps which you can start today
With everyone worried about the future while the world is full of financial problems & political unrest, this book will show you how to be happier, regardless of what is happening around you.

This book shows you how to thrive rather than survive, using my proven Pockets of Joy method.


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52 pockets of Joy is an absolute delight.

Fay Karpouzis
ADHD Consultant


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Whether you give the book and eBook as gifts or keep them for yourself, happiness is on its way when you dive into these "Pockets of Joy" products!

PS. I look forward to helping you increase your Pockets of Joy

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